"I’m so grateful I chose to visit Jordan with Sandra as my guide! The retreat exceeded all my expectations. Through yoga and meditation, desert treks and mountain hikes, as well as her powerful coaching work with horses, Sandra created a supportive environment that allowed me to open my heart and mind to healing and transformation. For me, the trip started out as an adventure to discover a new country and became a pilgrimage to discover myself. I returned home feeling peaceful, strong and inspired, with new friends and new energy. I highly recommend Sandra and her retreats.

--Christina M. , Switzerland


“The horse inspiration is the thing that really really stays with me everyday. I think I need even more.

And I will” |Maysar from Dubai

"Connecting to Jordan and your inner heart space"

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The art of life is to simply be yourself in authentic, compassionate, creative and powerful expression. Yoga, meditation, art, horses and desert stars guide you to a heart centered life.

"Sandra is a natural. With grace and subtlety, she and her horses guide the individual to

deep experience of self, place and purpose." - Alena from the US

"Being with Sandra, her horses and dogs was a very special time. 
I loved Sandra’s yoga-sessions on the rocks and especially her direct involvement and

support for everyone present. It was a stunning and peaceful location and

Sandra’s flexible approach made sure we got what we needed individually and as a group. 
Being able to meet Sandra’s animal-friends offered
a lot of personal insights and learnings,

which still accompany me throughout my days even two months later. 
I can only recommend a retreat with Sandra and am sure you will get what you need - in both,

expected and unexpected ways, as long as you are open for it and willing to receive

whatever is being offered to you" - Julia from Austria 

“A wonderful stay in a beautiful setting where I experienced a sense of serenity, trust and love.

The horses mirrored my behavior and showed me what I needed. I gained insights and a feeling of peace

that is still with me, even while back in my hectic life at home. Many thanks for Sandra and her team”

- Anja from the Netherlands


"Not enough words to describe the experience I had with Sandra in Little Petra.

It was such a special retreat! A combination of full immersion in the local culture, sunset and 

sunrise yoga on the rocks, intended and unintended coaching sessions, hiking in the amazing surroundings,

and lots of laughter. In the end I stayed longer in Little Petra because it felt so good. The connection 

I felt during the retreat was exactly what I needed. Sandra is a lovely woman with an open heart and

lots of personal attention to give. She easily combines her yoga lessons with her passion for horses.

The horse session went straight to the core and now, months later, I still feel its insightful effects. Sandra is very flexible and easy-going, and will do everything in her power to make

your stay as memorable and comfortable as possible. It surely was a week of connection and adventure!" - Sonja from Amsterdam

What better place to learn yoga than amidst the stunning scenery of the Petra hills .... and as a long time

horse owner and rider I can honestly say that I have never ridden anywhere so beautiful. The Horse Soul sessions were the highlight of my trip, the relationship and bond Sandra has with her horses is truly inspiring, their emotional sensitivity is quite breathtaking. It was a hugely healing and inspirational experience.” - Louise from the UK


"This was truly an adventure of a kind. The Seven Wonders Bedouin camp is such a wonderful place to be. Yoga on the rocks facing Little Petra is fantastic and Sandra a very experienced teacher. Working with the horses was emotional, it gave me clear insight on how I connect with or disconnect from people. It was an inspiring experience. If you are looking for a truly wonderful place, you will find it here". Susann Zepernick from United Arab Emirates



"The coaching with Sandra and her 3 majestic horses was one of compassion, insight, and above all, laughter. I felt that the with Sandra's expert guidance, the horses were truly able to sense my intention, and helped to ameliorate the aspect of my being that I chose to focus on in my session . It was magical, inspirational, and enlightening. The best part came at the end, when I was lovingly encircled in a group horse hug- a first for me! I think everyone can truly benefit from this wonderfully therapeutic and healing experience, the only prerequisites are an open heart and an open mind." - Christine from US


"We loved doing yoga on the rocks overlooking little Petra. Sandra's sessions kindly and gracefully opened up our bodies for a new day on horseback. We felt soft and centered, yet energized to take in the new experiences of the day" - Isabel from England



"After falling off a horse some years ago, I had developed a fear that crippled my ability to get back on a horse and even get close. Sandra reintroduced me to these beautiful and regal creatures in a safe, confrontational yet tender way that allowed me to deeply connect again with them. At some point all three horses were dancing around me in such natural way and Remaz showered me with love. It was a memorable and spiritual experience." - Layla from Dubai

“I just want to share how amazing my time was with Sandra and her horses in Petra. I arrived in April, with the heavy weight of burdens and in need of some gentle time in the desert. Gamar, Sandra’s first horse, came out and we did some exercise in the yard. Not yet used to me she took her time to come closer. And then she came to me and embraced me, so intently and intimately, like she realised I needed some support and in recognition of what I was going through. And that was day one. She was amazing, as was the whole holiday, and Sandra, who supported me also with light and kindness.” – Jeny from the UK 



"I had a very powerful session with Sandra and her horses. Nour (gelding) came standing on my left and Remaz (mare) came standing on my right, I felt safe and supported which allowed for my inner most thoughts and feelings to arise. When I became aware of my path forward – Gamar (the mother of both) came standing in the middle with me, providing me with her wisdom and trust. Thank you Sandra for sharing your horsewisdom with me." – Heike from Germany

"Thank you In2Jordan for organising such an inspiring experience!! I had an incredible time discovering Jordan thanks to the organisation of Sandra and her team. It felt really unique to combine the culturally incredible Jordan with amazing yoga and horse sessions! Thank you again for creating such an impact in my travel, the only negative point was that it was too short!" - Cecile from the UK

“Not normally being an early riser I thought I might struggle with sunrise yoga sessions but not all, the sessions in such incredible surroundings were energising and set me up perfectly for a day of sightseeing.  I really liked Sandra’s yoga style too. I REALLY enjoyed all the activities but in particular the Dead Sea and the hike into Petra. The hike and all the day in Petra was just out of this world, such a magical feeling, beautiful landscape and sunlight which really highlighted all the different colours in the rocks…the day finished perfectly with a Bedouin dinner and sugary Bedouin tea at the campfire, listening to the local musicians and looking up at all the lights beautifully dotted in the rocks surrounding the Camp" - Lavinia from the UK


"I joined Sandra for a two day yoga and horse riding retreat in September. It was a truly unique and wonderful experience, perfect for those who want to do something different and off the beaten track. The horse riding experience was very special and the highlight for me. Sandra is warm and attentive and I felt comfortable with her from the start. I would highly recommend her retreats." - Salma from London



“Two weeks ago, I totally unexpected did a horse soul session with Sandra Jelly and two of her beautiful horses. Since I was a kid I have been in love with horses. I have always been very curious about horse reading sessions and was thrilled to finally do one with Sandra. I went inside the paddock without any expectations and came out with an incredible accurate reflection of my own social behaviour. Sandra is a truly knowledgeable, kind and loving woman, she knows exactly when she has to let the horses to their work or when she steps in with some thorough psychological questions to challenge your own awareness. Her two horses, Gamar and Remaz are not only beauties but also the best teachers you can wish for. I would highly recommend a session with Sandra and her horses if you would like to know/understand more about yourself, your social behaviour and how to cope with challenges this brings forward in an absolutely relaxed and very natural environment. Truly worth it! ” - E. Van Rijn from the Netherlands



"Create a life that is self sustaining:

visualize your dreams * breath in life * share from the heart and let life reflect your beauty." - Sarah Nour   



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