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Like it or not

Dob Doeb is my guru. My black cat Dob is a wise man in a furry coat. He came to me when he was just a kitten, fell in love with me at the stable and determined to follow me home. So it happened, he became the new companion of my Dutch cats Poes and Meis. Both very quite and shy cats, so the presence of this active and expressive Bedouin needed some adjustment. Meis often retreated under the bed and Poes went on long walks so Dob could have his space.

Soon it became apparent that one of the men had to go: one night they were sitting together watching me intendly and it felt they wanted to let me know...its time for change, Poes has fulfilled his role and Dob will take over. I heard but I did not want to listen as I wanted to keep both of them, so I hid behind my computer. Yet I still remember the moment and the next day it was clear: Poes had left and Dob was the new man of the house.

He liked to play with Meis, who did not appreciate it that much, accompanied and motivated me while painting (I sometimes wanted to stop but he was so happy in my lap that I just continued for another hour orso and often found amazing inspiration in that time when I surrendered) and he loved to go on walks in the neighborhood...often accompanied by the young children living there. Meis though was a bit overwhelmed with all the action and she was happy when Leena, a young, vibrant and very light little kitten found its way to the house (her mother abondend her under our kitchen window). Dob loved her and now the energy balance in our house was restored.

Every day after working at home, cleaning the stable and training horses and before around sunset time Dob requested his walk. With Leena as a play partner I thought I would be released and be able to stay at home, but no...Dob would not stop mauwing till we would go on our way. Often these walks brought me a lot of joy, energy and relaxation...just being out there with these beautiful souls, sharing space and hugs....something I barely would allow myself. And Dob would give me those by taking me on a walk.

Then we moved to a new place, a cute little house that the cats immediately liked. So when I went on holiday soon after I was not concerned about the cats. Yet Dob Doeb did not agree...after 3 weeks he left the place, crossed the valley and up to the romantic walk hill to find me there. Yet I was still at home and just had received some hope crushing news, I felt really insecure about the world taking care of me, but when I heard the news of Dob wandering to the other side of town in order to find me was so touching it brought tears to my eyes and instantly hope back to my heart. We had to wait a week to be reunited, but there he was...loud mauwing and utmost happy to get on his longed for walk.

And that is his role....he guides and guards me on my spiritual path. He loves his new place, his tuna, his play with Leena, a casual hug with Meis and his walks in the new neighborhood. He stands with me, responds when I am doing well and also walks off again if my impatience, insecurity and mind stress take over. Then he just walks off...leaving me frustrated. It has happened several times now, so I know....I take my time, let go of some excessive energy, spent time with the girls to soften again and then head over to the other side of town where he awaits me...this beautiful black cat mauwing loudly to take me for another adventure on the mountain, surrending to what is and guiding me deeper into the magic and love of my heart.

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"Create a life that is self sustaining:

visualize your dreams * breath in life * share from the heart and let life reflect your beauty." - Sarah Nour   



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