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Communication style in Petra

Yes is 'Aoh', No is 'T' one rather not say everything of course is up to God - Nshallah or as a friend and I say: Insha'alalalaaa. Which can mean anything, which in general it is also used like that.

So if one does not say No, one has to be creative in giving a positive answer, which is more understood as a wish, not an exact reality really. Or depending on the mood, the answer is negative although it is obvious there is a positive answer and the person is not able or willing to give it. Or plain simply....negative, because if you get scared or nervous, the other one is stronger. Still with me?

Example 1: full agreement, exited interaction, wonderful plans & input...oh yeah, all happy. And that was the next day...nothing happens. People love a good story over tea, but to actually get something needs at least 10 liters of tea for an action that is maybe 1/100 of a step of the story you shared. Hence things take aaaaaaggges, but hey....spent a lot of good time hanging out, having tea, watch the kids grow and some lunches as well if you are lucky. In the end, one is at the end of ones energy and often what is achieved is max 80% of planned...which would be considered an amazing achievement. Then one starts preparing tea for the next adventure.

Example 2: my yogamat had left town and someone from Amman would bring it back. First he forgets....of course...9 out of 10 a man conveniently forgets something immediately after you or specifically a woman asks him something. He tries again but cannot listen to directions and just wants to leave it somewhere in town. One has to become angry, throw the thing in the hizbala (rubbish) to get some attention (which gets tiring by the way) then you have to be quick to get some directions in the head otherwise the small gap of light has disappeared again. The yoga mat is left at some shop pretty close to home....oh my god...impressed! I pass the shop and either the man is retarded (there are actually many around as cousins marry close cousins regularly and it is not often easy to hear the difference...'Aoh, Aoh') or he is to shy to talk to a woman....or whatever...he says no there is no yogamat and walks me over to the cement shop, it seems the mat is there...yet...the owner of the shop is not in and although the owner of the pink yoga mat is standing in front of him, he pulls his hand back and simply says it is not there. He probably is scared to take something when the owner is not there. Yes, how many people will come and ask for a pink yoga mat in this lifetime?! Next day, the man shouts after me (oh yes, people sooooo love to shout at average conversation in general sounds like a fight) and the owner of the cement shop wants to pass me the yoga mat while I am sitting on my horse going out for a ride...he still pushes on as he wants to close his shop for the weekend. Well, I'll be back. Yalla, keep sitting on my yoga mat.

Example 3: I get a phone call from the neighbour girl at the stable....she often calls just to chat and often I don't pick up. But something told me to pick up. The neighbour tells me Remaz is sick, lying on the floor....she looks dead. I bloody freaking hell nearly fall into a fit....yet know by now I first should have a look myself. Indeed....Remaz on the ground. Which is unusual. But she lifts her head when I arrive. Playing dead ?! ;P. Does not look like a colic and I get a rope, call the vet and prepare to pull her up. The neighbour women kind of gleefully looking on. Ah well, no time to ponder. Remaz does not wish to walk...she has a stiff leg. While waiting for the vet I walk her. The vet confirms and I take the opportunity to ask for some zink as what is sold in the shops is rubbish. He is helpful by giving all kinds of answers, but not what I need. Which is also quite an impressive thing: getting answers that all sound really good, yet it is not answer at gets all into the talk...yeah yeah, bladibla to the point one sort of forgets the whole question. Quite an art! Bas gallas indirectly got my answer, as it never should look to obvious a man is answering to a woman's wish.

Last but not least, the amazingly good is convinced all will be going as planned. What plan? And just never ask Why? A man won't explain himself to a woman let alone tell her he agrees with her. He will at best have excuses (Forgot, Sick, Sleep...), or if one is to demanding, anger is the answer and at least a week of non-action. So rather immediately say al Hamdulilah ( as really only God knows) and move to alternative 362.

*SIGH* wishing for a visit to comfortable Holland....where after 2 weeks I will get bored as I will miss my daily Petra adventures.

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