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Life is sweet

Ya Walla....some inspiring encounters in Amman again!

Yesterday I prepared 2 more yogabelts and did the invoice while traveling to Amman to bring the largest Bedoubag parcel so far to my friends shop. I barely had finished my happy dance or my friend came up with a new challenge - Bedouin poncho's. I laughed when he came with a bag of wool. Yalla. Let's do it....first have some good falafel to keep us going today.

Then continued to pick up wool at another friends home to exchange it down town for the colours I need. No problem whatsoever. While running around with my arms full of wool in the shop another foreign woman - dressed in horse pants...;P curiously looked at me. Who are you? Essa - my wool supplier - introduces me as the best bag maker of

The woman lives in Belgium and loves Jordan and likes to create something with Bedouin tent materials and see what comes out of it. She sparked another idea and we exchange details. What are the odds we meet there?! When jumping down the stairs and reaching the scissors to Essa who was measuring the material. He casually mentions that an importer from South Africa is interested in the bags. I asked which? He; all of them. OH....okay...I wil make an offer then.

Then made our way to Catherine from Mercy Corps who had been able to make us a cabinet to display Bedoubag. 4 guys lifted the lower part heavy piece....a vault for our precious work! She threw in some knitworks to upcycle into bags and off we went...horses calling for their dinner.

On the road my driver loves to eye up girls. In Abdoun a few got an appreciative car honk. Me: then why are you not slowing down? He: yeah, but I am old. Okay, he is 60 eying up 22 year olds...bas gallas. Have fun. If it starts to annoy me I just pull the reins. While passing a small village on the way back to Wadi Musa he tells me he has a girlfriend there he met in Aqaba and who had given him her number. Aha, how old was she? He: 25 and married, so he could not return without the neighbours talking. She was so sweet, he recalled.

Walla....time and age does not exist in this country....just a big longing for sweetness.

It's in the tea, in the music and in a woman's eye.

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"Create a life that is self sustaining:

visualize your dreams * breath in life * share from the heart and let life reflect your beauty." - Sarah Nour   



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