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While checking on the horses with Leena the full moon is out with an huge halo around it in the further clear sky. The wind pushes me towards Jolanda's house where our guests are awaiting dinner. I pull them out and within seconds have a glass of prosecco in my felt like NYE....looking in awe at the sky. We continue with red wine over a beautiful dinner and lots of stories. On the way back I pass the stable again and Leena comes running for our walk to continue home. At 6 am we get up to see the pastel morning colours over Petra - like a colour bath. We bring the horses out for breakfast in the soft morning air. The driver is right on time to take me for a morning yoga session with the guests, mezze breakfast and then off we go to see the looming ladies in Udruh.

First stop at um Hussein house where everybody is excited about the engagement of her daughter. While mansaaf is boiling in the kitchen, um Hussein is all over the place. So funny as she normally is so controlled. We drink tea, congratulate her, I shake hands with her married son whose wife is responding as if she is stung by a bee....I tell her to behave or otherwise next time I give him a hug. We laugh. Then on to see the others women, gathered at Um Hassan house. We are immediately in business, telling stories, showing of work and making sure the guests have enough tea. I cannot express enough how beautiful and special it is to work with these women, beats any management team I ever worked with!

Pick up right on time to wooz us back to Wadi Musa, the women enchanted by their local experience of Jordan and off the went to Wadi Rum each carrying a Bedoubag knowing who it was made by ‪#‎treasure‬. They left me with a typical British beer, sun out and time for a long lunch, before heading out with Gamar. She was not to excited about it....the sudden warm weather made her lazy....okay we walk. Happiness spread my face and it was reflected in lots of people waving and smiling back at me 😊.

We walked towards the setting sun and found a bit of grass. At a distance a donkey with 3 kids approached followed by their goats. They are Bedouin kids that I gave some art classes already 2 years ago, they called my name -Sara- and started singing in loud voices that waved over the valley echoing off the rock wall behind them. I clapped and lululululuuuuuu-d. An on we went singing and clapping. On returning a family in their pickup is awaiting me....they passed me a 1,5 year old girl for a ride. Yallah....sitting in front of me, her little hands grabbing my sleeves she quietly enjoyed the ride....her parents so proud. They take her back and I tell time you ride like this.....and I turn Gamar and we canter off. When stopped, the girl passes in her grandfathers pickup with a big smile on her face, waving her goodbye.

We head home for dinner. I await a friend for tea and our stories take us to dinner. He helps me in the kitchen making my first ever Freekeh soup. And it tastes great, well after a day like that....ending with a nice man in my kitchen, how could it not 😘

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"Create a life that is self sustaining:

visualize your dreams * breath in life * share from the heart and let life reflect your beauty." - Sarah Nour   



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