• Sarah Nour

Courageous heart

As forest and water are nurturing and cleansing, the desert is transformative. A journey into the heart of the desert is like a pilgrimage into your own heart. Being in the stillness and vastness of the desert is reconnecting you to the peace and wisdom in your heart. From there the journey begins to transform limiting beliefs into inspiration to become more authentic in our expression of self.

And a journey isn’t a journey if it doesn’t offer some challenges and adventures. First of all people are apprehensive of travelling to the Middle East, yet the long history of peace in Jordan is currently attracting more adventurous and spiritual travelers, people who wish to explore a country that is so rich in culture, nature and ancient wisdom. It offers a heart warming welcome with sweet tea, swiftly followed by an invite to share food. One is pulled into moment by a people that have a long history in hosting travelers.

Second challenge is that single women feel somewhat insecure to travel by themselves, but here is the advantage of being hosted by a foreign woman who has made her home in Wadi Musa (Petra). Since 2009 she lives here with her cats & horses and host guests on yoga workshops and retreats. The desert has offered her a chance to learn to live a life from the heart - instead of the mind - an experience she likes to share on her desert journeys, during which she creates safe boundaries so authentic experiences can arise.

The adventure is to dive into a foreign yet welcoming space that reminds us of our own limitless creative space within. The stillness pours like water to a delicate desert flower into our cells, our minds expand as the desert holds nothing to distract it with: there is just beauty and the powerful presence of the sun and the earth, the masculine and the feminine energy. The adventure is to open ourselves to the elements, to find treasures in the desert sands, to be reminded of our ancient wisdom held in our hearts. Whispers that are waiting to be heard in meditation, to be felt in flowing and creative yoga sessions, to be relfected by the horses and to be shared with the fire, wind, rocks, 1001 stars and your fellow spirited travelers.

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"Create a life that is self sustaining:

visualize your dreams * breath in life * share from the heart and let life reflect your beauty." - Sarah Nour   



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