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Lost & Found

After inventory check a pink plaid I really liked had left my home in Amsterdam. A few days later I was staying at a friends home in Amman and they mentioned they had a few things they did not need and if I wanted to see if there was anything of use. Among that...a pretty pink plaid, same colour!

We cannot loose the things we love, as the love is inside of us. We only BELIEF it has left us, hence we do not see or cannot receive the other form of that same love. Change your belief, retrieve your soul connected something from the past and you will experience the same thing or better. Whatever you love, cannot leave you, it is the mind that separates us.

That same night I lost the plaid again: I took a taxi to the busstation and had several items to carry, the plaid was in a laptop bag. The driver told me he had seen me before, if I had been on television? Yes, indeed. He: ah yes, about the Bedouin weaving. Yes, indeed, nice you remember. Nice work he says. Then he helps me to transfer the items to my friends car. I have a sense to check the back of the taxi, look 3 times...but don't see anything, hence I belief all my bags have been moved. When I get back to WM and laptop bag. The next day my taxi friend in Wadi Musa wants to keep something safe in the back of his car....and lifts something. A light burns...ahaaa..there the laptop bag (without laptop as the driver had hoped maybe) had gone. And the pink plaid.

I loved it, but not really need it...sure it will find a good home. Instead I was reunited with an old friend and we had an adventurous ride back home riding an old car with a broken gear box and a big motor in the back home. Left at 10 pm and with a max speed of 60 km we arrived home at 3 am...enough time to catch up!

One never looses, if one can see all is an expression of the same thing: LOVE.

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"Create a life that is self sustaining:

visualize your dreams * breath in life * share from the heart and let life reflect your beauty." - Sarah Nour   



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