• Sarah Nour

Bedouin Tea Squat

Yoga is not something we need to learn, we just have to remember. When we release inhibitions, limiting beliefs, emotional blocks and allow our breath to expand our inner space....then we become aware of the movement that is already happening deep within us, a movement that starts from our inner source and wants to emerge to the surface of consciousness.

The more we can be present, allow ourselves to express ourselves, the more this movement can flow through us with light, clarity and grace.

The idea is that we don't need to learn and study to be this way, rather an unlearning is needed, so as to allow ourselves to unfold. To increase awareness to every part of our being, so for example that the moment we become aware that a cold is coming up, we receive this message in our consciousness and notice that when a friend unexpectedly creates a fruit salad, this cold that just before had announced itself, just disappears out of our system. It got acknowledged and fulfilled, it didn't need to manifest, but it allowed ourselves to redirect attention and return to a state of acceptance, oneness and balance.

We all have this healing power inside of us. In order to activate it, to work with it we need to trust in it, to invite it in and to allow it to show us how it works through us. As for each person it is different. What I belief activates our innate healing power is...being in nature, searching for heart shapes, drumming & singing, riding a camel, drawings in the sand, dancing around the fire, sending wishes to the stars and squating with a Bedouin tea to watch the goats pass by.

These movements, creative expressions and connections come natural to a soulful heart. These are spontaneous, ignited by an adventurous spirit that wishes to see beauty, feel pure joy...that wishes to connect to all around her. So when you feel the sand between your toes, the sun on your face and a cup of sweet Bedouin tea in your hand it is with childlike joy & ease that you squat and welcome the goats as they wander past. This to me is yoga.




"Create a life that is self sustaining:

visualize your dreams * breath in life * share from the heart and let life reflect your beauty." - Sarah Nour   



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