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   With Dutch Voice Healer Dymphi Peeters 

Voice of the Jungle Retreat

Voice of the Jungle Retreat

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Use your sound to...

Express your heart and heal through song

Connect with your own healing frequencies

Gain a deeper insight in what moves you.

Express hidden emotions and begin to heal trauma

Release limiting blocks, patterns and beliefs.

Gain more freedom in expressing more of yourself.

Develop your sound and increase creativity

Calm your nervous system

Use your voice as a healing instrument

Experience a greater sense of easy, vitality and joy

Raise your frequency: less fear and shame, more love.

Awaken your vitality and increase energy flow.

Intuitive music and sound have a healing effect on your well being. It relaxes and brings you back to your source within. It also helps you to express and release emotions without getting stuck in words, a beautiful and pure way to cleans your system from old pain and energetic blocks. It then opens the way to tap into your authentic source of wisdom once again so you find more and deeper wisdom, joy, inspiration, power and healing to share.    


We invite you to immerse yourself in the world of sound, into the potent medicine of vocal toning and singing during our Voice of the Jungle retreat in the Sri Lanka. You don't have to be a musician to hear and express your inner music. Life is one big ceremony. And we have all the tools, power and potential lying dormant within us to live it in accordance to our dreams. Are you ready to release the wild and raw beauty that is you?


We - Dymphi and Sandra - share a great passion to inspire people to feel their inner knowing and express their personal truth. On this retreat we support guests through yoga, meditations, vocal toning, constellations and reflecting with nature to discover their own music, voice and sounds. A journey that leads you from your head to the intelligence of your body. We invite you to hear your own powerful inner guidance and to dare to follow it, no matter what the circumstances. To return to your own creative source and become a free and fuller expression of who you truly are.

Energy is the invisible basis of everything and life started with sound. Through sound we create our reality. Your own voice has thus an enormous impact on your energy, body and life experience. Our body consists of 85% of water which carries sound deep into our cells. Next to that, our ears are connected via the nerves to all our organs, hence sound reaches every part of our body. Sound is energy, and energy directed with intention and attention has big impact on our wellbeing.

Join us on a journey of self - discovery using the world of movement, voice, nature reflections, intuitive music and sound in the most magnificent jungle environment of Sri Lanka together with a group of people who want to inspire and support each other!