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   With UK based writer Dilaria Pataudi 

​Join us on an immersive and magical journey through the desert of Jordan and through your own inner landscape.

Tuning into and deepening your relationship to the Wisdom of the Elements for personal guidance and healing. Working with the elements in nature is a great way to help us listen to the authentic knowledge from within and to engage in a practice

of self-revelation.

We will be creating sacred space to release limiting beliefs and emotional blocks, remember our true purpose and dreams and recharge ourselves with light, inspiration, joy and courage to continue manifestation of our wishes. 

Through sacred ceremony we will connect actively to our self and our beautiful planet.

We will take you for an unforgettable exploration into the desert of Jordan in search of raw beauty, stillness and intuïtieve wisdom whilst visiting 3 world Heritage sites Wadi Rum, Petra and the Dead Sea


A unique journey that will shift your experience of life and encourage you to manifest your dreams. Lovingly guided and supported by Sjoukje and Sandra. Between them, they have decades of experience in holding groups of transformation, healing and letting go of that which is no longer serving our higher good.

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Do you wish to...

Visit 3 unforgettable World Heritage sites in Jordan?

Dissolve old patterns and limiting beliefs that keep you stuck?

Come to rest in the vastness and stillness of the desert?

Find the magic of the elements and tune in to their messages?

Heal and recharge your Body, Soul, Spirit and Mind?

Rebalance your chakra’s and increase your level of energy?

Reflect in nature with yourself, the elements, the stars and the animals?

Explore the power of your breath?

​​Then this ceremonial desert journey is for you!


Wadi Rum
World Heritage Site.

Expand and deepen your  wisdom in the beautiful desert of Jordan. Connect to the wisdom of the fire, stars, wind, birds and horses to guide you deep within. Listen to the whispers of your soul and be inspired to transform your reality.

Enjoy yoga with magnificent views of world heritage sites Wadi Rum and Petra, float in the Dead Sea and allow the minerals of the water to nourish your body. Sleep under the stars, chant in the desert, reflect with horses, honour the elements and share in sacred circle.


Wander barefoot in the desert, reclaim the power of water, send your wishes to the stars and reconnect to the courageous & creative power of your heart. 


This magical place invites you to surrender to its beauty, space and stillness for 8 light filled days and 7 star filled nights. 

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Daily Yoga and energy balancing

Guided meditation journeys.

Horse soul sessions and Omen walks

Transfiguration and Rebirth ceremony

Sacred ceremonies working with the Elements

Fire ceremony and Shamanic Breath Journey

Handcrafting with Bedouin women


Optional and at additional cost if time permits:

Shamanic clearing and balancing session

Thai Massage or Reiki session


Sjoukje Gummels
Jewelry Designer, fashion model and Shamanic Healer 

Dutch adventurers, Sjoukje Gummels and Sandra Jelly, share a longing to guide you to a deeper connection with the spiritual world and the wisdom of nature, it's animals, stones and elements. To create space that allows for gentle yet powerful healing, expression of your truest being and thus to encourage to transform your reality. Each in their own divine way.  


Sjoukje is a mother of two, fashion model and shamanic healer. Sandra is a yoga teacher, social entrepreneur and equine assisted systemic coach. They invite you on an unforgettable journey into the vastness and stillness of Southern Jordan to awaken your intrinsic healing power and source of inner wisdom.  If you feel called to expand your awareness, heal wounds and transform your reality then please join us in October 2020. 

Neither horse nor yoga experience required.

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