• Sarah Nour

2020: Dive deep to rise up high!

Photo credit: Marco Mignano

The spirit of my new year showed during my last horse session of 2019. We had not been talking much about our past, our stories, struggles and dreams. We had simply come together in the desert to relax, share and turn our attention within. So when Claudia stepped into the paddock nothing was expressed and all was invited.

Without the activated noise of our minds and thus boundaries, there was also stillness in the herd. With all still, that what needed to show and experienced could come clearly. As soon as Claudia stood in the paddock, Remaz focussed on her. It felt like a mother inviting her child in.

Knowing my guest was already a bit nervous to get in the paddock with four horses, asking her to go and sit in front of the mare, would be quite a big thing. Yet, when I asked Claudia to sit on the ground in front of Remaz, Spirit of Nature, helped her to find the courage to do this, by giving her this thought too. As soon she sat, Remaz treated her with so much love: her foal was born.

Gently she 'cleaned' her and nudged her. Pure love from mother and child. It was so beautiful, the more Remaz hadn't had a foal yet! It was pure instinct. She showed me:

When we allow ourselves to step away from our stories and simply be in nature and have the courage to step forward to what life is offering; magic, healing and love can happen.

And this can happen instantly: on the last day of 2019 we were visiting the weaving women: we discussed a new pretty design, created a new one, shared cookies with the children and celebrated that Um Abdu Rahman was allowed by her husband to visit Europe for a sustainable fashion fair! Then 2 houses further, at Um Hassan house we felt with Um Mohammed's terrible tooth ache and mourned the loss of 27 year old daughter in Law from Um Hassan due to a fatal accident. In Um Hussein house we encountered joy as she is finding back her strength to work again after her small stroke summer 2019. Then we ended the year sitting around the fire with Bedouins, Arabs and Europeans, sharing the wish for more beauty, peace and love in the world.

On the way back I was reflecting on how much we can experience on one day, how rich, powerful, destructive, loving and healing life can be. Some trance music was playing and as I let all these impressions, thoughts, feelings and plans for 2020 flow through. I asked Spirit of Nature what was needed to release the pain in my shoulder: and as clearly as I heard the message to ask Claudia to sit in front of my mare Remaz, I heard: Self Love.

My body was immediately resonating with warmth and softness.

So my resolution and wish for the new year is more SELF LOVE, in order to create a space of stillness beyond the waves of daily reality, that we find courage to dive into it and embrace the wisdom, healing, love and dreams that will spiral us high up to the highest expression of ourselves.

Namaste Sandra - Sarah Nour - Jelly




"Create a life that is self sustaining:

visualize your dreams * breath in life * share from the heart and let life reflect your beauty." - Sarah Nour   



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