• Sarah Nour

Slay the dragon with love

Science has shown that the intention to move, comes from the movement itself or -if you like - our body or unconscious mind. No intention is ever birthed in our conscious mind. The latter just makes sense of things. So if we like to drop into pure inspirational energy than when have to go beyond the ego and feel. So with powerful feminine energy rising, how do we keep and create inter peace to hold space for dominant and overpowering masculine energy either within ourselves or within relationships?

As soon as we open up to a more vulnerable soul state in which we experience synchronicity, peace, love connection, joy and even moments of bliss, we also open up to our shadow side. With the more courage and dedication we work on opening ourselves to becoming whole in the present moment, the larger the dragon that is hiding behind the pretty smelling flowers. Often we already used up our energy to get to that place of beauty, so what sources of energy do we have to slay the dragon that seems to get larger the closer we are getting to the source?

After opening up to each other in most beautiful and surprising ways, my friend suddenly crawled back into his prehistoric cave: he became demanding, controlling and displayed poor communication. It was pretty frustrating to see him turn from a balanced radiating friend turn into a demolishing stranger. I felt a deep sadness that turned into numbness. Suffocating my feelings would not bring either of us anything good, so I went to see my horses and ask for their advise.

The moment I stepped into the paddock Zahir and Remaz came. Zahir poked his nose and Remaz held space for my sadness. Which helped to release. After that, Nour starting running, jumping, kicking and pushing the others around like a mad man. Masculine energy out of control, I thought. The horses didn't think to much of it....they just moved aside, allowing him space while they staid safe. The image sank in: How can I give unbalanced masculine energy space so I stay safe/unhurt? To regroup and then reconnect? Knowing that we both wish to connect with love.

And also, if I take my responsibility in this experience: how was this unbalanced energy a reflection of myself? Then - magically - all in me softened: my feminine energy had been overpowered by my masculine energy for many many years. To see this happening with my friend made me fall back into my own pattern of resisting, numbing and needing to control. A demolishing energy surfaced in me and was directed at all interactions with men that day. Yet with the light of my horses, my awareness and a powerful source of feminine energy I did not act on it and could transform it and bring it back to balance.

So the answer to slay the dragon and enter the garden of love, may not be unique, but the path nature, God or the universe shows is purely unique to everyone. We need to turn within, take responsibility, breath through it and find sources within and without (nature and kindred spirits) to guide us. Above all we need to belief that we hold the divine power to transform ourselves and our reality, thus inspiring others to do so too.




"Create a life that is self sustaining:

visualize your dreams * breath in life * share from the heart and let life reflect your beauty." - Sarah Nour   



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