• Sarah Nour

Who sees you? The healing power of presence

Updated: Aug 9

As soon as you enter a herd - human or horse - you are being seen. On a subconscious level we immediately know if someone belongs to our herd or is a thread to it's status quo. All the information is right there, in that moment of connection. Our responses get triggered to make sure we and our herd are save. Yet when we expand our awareness and open our hearts we can include more of our selves and others.

Gamar's third foal Zahir, now 3,5 years old, has been struggling with his health for a few years now. Next to trying to find medications for his unbalanced health, I have been looking for energetic answers and healing. Until recent he was part of a herd of 4 and always pretty close to his mother. He did not seem to find an independent and comfortable place in the herd. He was pushed around by the others. He was there, but not fully. His energy low and regularly suffering from severe colics.

After a PSYCH-K session early this year, he seemed to get more present and confident. The message he shared was the wish to be seen. Soon after a volunteer came who fell in love with him. Sat with him and brushed him more regularly then I could offer him. I could see his eyes lightening up. I so wished him well, and wondered what he was taking on? What was he carrying for me and the herd?

We moved the herd to our new stable and there came more peace in the herd. His energy improved, he even took the initiative for a canter and had Remaz follow him. He was getting stronger in his attitude and presence. His coat was improving. It seems he is finding his place in the herd. Yet the biggest impact has been the arrival of Alyaan - our 3 months old foal.

He has a very social attitude and welcomes everybody to the herd. It is beautiful to see how he connects to people, dogs and horses alike. Especially how he connects with Zahir. Every morning we find him sleeping close to Zahir. As young as he is, he brings the herd closer together. He walks over and simply with pure presence he sees the other. He draws you in - all parts of you. And to be seen and fully welcomed with all parts of yourself, is the most powerful gift someone can give.

Who in your life sees you clearly, touches your soul and brings you closer to your inner herd?




"Create a life that is self sustaining:

visualize your dreams * breath in life * share from the heart and let life reflect your beauty." - Sarah Nour   



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