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Birds of Wadi Rum


   With Dutch Voice Healer Dymphi Peeters 

Intuitive music and sound have a healing effect on your well being. It relaxes and brings you back to your source within. It also helps you to express and release emotions without getting stuck in words, a beautiful and pure way to cleans your system from old pain and energetic blocks. It then opens the way to tap into your authentic source of wisdom once again so you find more and deeper wisdom, joy, inspiration, power and healing to share.    


We invite you to immerse yourself in the world of sound, into the potent medicine of vocal toning and singing during our Voice of the Desert Retreat in the Jordan. You don't have to be a musician to hear and express your inner music. Life is one big ceremony. And we have all the tools, power and potential lying dormant within us to live it in accordance to our dreams. Are you ready to

release the wild and raw beauty that is you?

​We - Dymphi and Sandra - share a great passion to inspire people to feel their inner knowing and express their personal truth. On this retreat we support guests through yoga, meditations, vocal toning and reflecting with horses to discover their own music, voice and sounds. A journey that leads you from your head to the intelligence of your body. We invite you to hear your own powerful inner guidance and to dare to follow it, no matter what the circumstances. To return to your own creative source and become a free and fuller expression of who you truly are.

Energy is the invisible basis of everything and life started with sound. Through sound we create our reality.

Your own voice has thus an enormous impact on your energy, body and life experience. Our body consists of 85% of water which carries sound deep into our cells. Next to that, our ears are connected via the nerves to all our organs, hence sound reaches every part of our body. Sound is energy, and energy directed with intention and attention has big impact on our wellbeing.


Join us on a journey of self - discovery using the world of movement, voice, nature reflections, intuitive music and sound in the most magnificent desert environment of Jordan together with a group of people who want to inspire and support each other!

Are you ready...

*  To free your voice and express yourself without inhibition?

*To release, heal and alchemise trauma, limiting beliefs and

unexpressed feelings?

* To reclaim the joy of expressing what it feels like to be you and alive

* To start a new relationship with your voice as a healing tool

* To awaken your full and authentic expression into this world.

Whilst visiting 3 unforgettable World Heritage sites in Jordan?​

Then this magical journey is for you!

Desert Goddess
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DAY 2 DAY Program

You have probably noticed that music can change the state of your consciousness and mood. So imagine how impactful the sound of your own voice can be! And this is not necessarily about singing beautifully. It is about sounding exactly as you feel it in this very moment, possibly voicing sound from different parts of your body, such as your heart, belly and your back or voicing sound from images, such as a flower or the desert. This voicing is not always sweet, it is about being real!  Sometimes there are energy blocks that hold to much energy stuck in your body. This energy needs to be vomited out in order to restore healthy energy flow. You will feel lighter, relieved, clearer and on a higher energy level than before.

Daily, from day 2 breakfast till day 8 breakfast we provide vegetarian breakfast, lunch and dinner, except for dinner on day 7. Water and tea are included.


Day 1: (April 19) - Madaba BB. 

Arrival to Queen Alia Airport Amman. Your driver awaits you to take you to your comfortable hotel in Madaba. (40 min transfer)


Day 2: (April 20) - Wadi Rum HB.
Early departure to the Southern Desert of Wadi Rum. We stop in Dana BioSphere for a walk around the village and a quick sandwich. Then continue to Wadi Rum Village where Sandra & Dymphi await you to start the Voice of the Desert Journey. Jeeps take us deeper into the desert to our Bedouin Yoga Camp where sweet Bedouin tea awaits you. We open the space with a welcome circle and a voice healing to ground us in the Valley of the Moon. After dinner we sit around the fire for a starry night meditation and sound journey.


Day 3: (April 21) - Wadi Rum FB.

We start the day with some flowing yoga with Sandra. Moving into this desert space allows for a beautiful expansion of your awareness. After breakfast Dymphi will guide us for a voice expression session and in order to integrate our experience we will have a Medicine Walk in silence followed by a closing circle. After lunch we enjoy some free roaming time in which you can opt for a Sound Healing, Chakra Balancing session or Thai Massage. At sunset we practice yoga and after dinner we dance under the stars.


Day 4: (April 22) - Wadi Rum FB.

After yoga and breakfast we will join Sandra’s herd at the Pink Spirit Stable. Here we will reflect with the horses to connect to our creative intuitive wisdom. We to learn more about the relationship patterns we hold, what has served us but is ready to be released so we create space of what wishes to emerge through us.  We enjoy a meal prepared by a local family and around 3 pm we depart for our night camp under the desert stars. On a magnificent private location our Bedouin guide sets up our simple camp for the night. Here we have a chance to experience the desert vastness and stillness in it’s full glory, to nourish our souls through connecting with the desert elements. We enjoy our dinner around the fire and in the evening share in Fire Ceremony. We sleep under the stars!


Day 5: (April 23) - Little Petra FB.

The start the day with sunrise yoga, sense how your body is opening up during this journey so far. We end with a camel ride back to the village. From there our minivan awaits us to take us to one of the 7 Wonders of the World: the Red Rose Nabataean city of Petra. On the way we will visit the LUMEYO weaving women who will show us their looming craft. LUMEYO is a leading social enterprise that promotes sustainable living, recycling, revival of heritage and empowerment of local women. Here we enjoy a local lunch. From there it is about half an hour to our camp in Little Petra. We drop our luggage and visit nearby Little Petra: a preview of things to come the next day. After a buffet dinner we gather for a Voice Journey  and some star gazing.


Day 6: (April 24) - Little Petra HB.

After a morning yoga session to energise us for the day, our guide takes us on a back door hike to the Monastery - one of the high lights of Petra. The way offers us amazing views to Wadi Araba.  From the Monastery we have time to explore Petra on our own. We exit Petra via the 30m high walled Siq - a solemn walk back to our reality. We return to our camp to freshen up and meet for dinner. In the evening we gather for a short meditation and call it a night.

Day 7: (April 25) - Madaba HB.

We practise yoga in the morning. After breakfast we hold a closing circle to share our blessings and say goodbye to Sandra who is returning to her herd.  After breakfast we depart for the Dead Sea. We make a stop to see the salt deposits at the shore and then continue to the Moevenpick Dead Sea for an extensive lunch and then float. The dead sea is rich in oxygen and minerals, so here we can deeply nourish our bodies. Do not be surprised when Dymphi opens into a joyful singing while floating! Mid afternoon we leave for our hotel in Madaba. Dinner at own leisure.


Day 8: (April 26) - Jerash & Amman BB.

Today we visit Jerash. We gather at the Artemis Temple for some divine guidance on integrating our desert experience in our day to day lives and conclude our magical tour with a toning circle at the amphitheater. Overnight in Amman.

Day 9: (April 27) - Airport.

Depending on your departure time you can visit Amman City, Salt or go straight to the airport. These visits are not included in the program price. 

Neither horse nor yoga experience required.


Use your sound to...

Express your heart and heal through song

Connect with your own healing frequencies

Gain a deeper insight in what moves you.

Express hidden emotions and begin to heal trauma

Release limiting blocks, patterns and beliefs.

Gain more freedom in expressing more of yourself.

Develop your sound and increase creativity

Calm your nervous system

Use your voice as a healing instrument

Experience a greater sense of easy, vitality and joy

Raise your frequency: less fear and shame, more love.

Awaken your vitality and increase energy flow.


“An experience that can't be expressed in words. As it goes way deeper then our existing language is able to grasp. A beautiful journey lovingly guided by Dymphi in which we where invited to dive into our vulnerable core in order to re-discover our most powerful and valuable true self. Dymphi feels like an Earth mother; grounded, present, trusted and connected to source and her heart

— Malu, Oct 2022




“Such an mazing and transforming journey and place! A place to disconnect from the outside and focus on the inside, to wonder and experience the true magic of the elements ✨🙏🏻🧡


— Karolina, December 2022

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2.269 USD

Early Bird: XXX USD valid till Jan 31st.

 Min group size is 8 guests, maximum 14. 

Including: shared transfers & twin sharing accommodation for 8 nights and all mentioned meals and activities for 9 day program.


Excluding: individual transfers, dinner day 7, flight, 2 day Petra Jordan Pass (75 JOD), optional activities and personal expenses.

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Dymphi Peeters

Sandra Jelly

Dymphi is a musician and voice healer with more then 10 years of experience sharing her healing sounds with the world through ceremonial concerts, ecstatic dance events with her band Dragonfly and individual voice healing sessions. She has come a long way in self-expression. She used to find it very scary to let herself be heard and seen. Fortunately she feels different now!

She learned how powerful her voice is and she guides you to release tension around your voice and singing to free your expression, so that it sounds fuller, more authentic and with less effort. With her loving and powerful guidance she creates space to explore your voice. She loves to inspire you to connect with your body wisdom and soul.

For her, connection, spirituality, well-being, self-expression and freedom

are very important.

Sandra is a yoga teacher, social entrepreneur, equine assisted systemic coach, shamanic practitioner and founder of Pink Spirit Wellness Retreats. They invite you on a deep inner journey into the raw desert beauty of Southern Jordan to awaken your intrinsic healing power and source of inner wisdom.  If you feel called to find your voice, heal wounds and transform your reality then join us in April 2023. ​

(Neither horse nor yoga experience required.)

Sandra Jelly

Sandra Jelly
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