7 days/6 nights

Wonder Woman

 Retreat guided by 

Natasja Kok

& Sandra Jelly


29 OCT - 4 NOV 2020

This fall my Amsterdam friend and founder of Wonder Woman Projects Natasja Kok will join us for a liberating retreat under the starry sky of Jordan. Deepen awareness in the valley of the moon. It’s vastness, beauty and stillness allowing for a courageous and gentle unfolding of your hearts truth and the Wisdom of our Womb. This week especially with Full Moon energy!

We will take you on a journey of breaking free from your habitual consciousness and your pre-programmed attitudes and responses to life. We go beyond the veils of your daily behavior. We go into the depths to the place where every woman carries her wisdom & magic: her womb.


The deepest, oldest secrets of life lie in the womb of every woman. The womb is the holiest temple and the most energetic place in your body. It is the source of your soul which is connected to the source of the universe. It is from this powerful place your inner voice, deepest guidance, clarity, joy and creativity spring. It is your original voice and connection to the web of life, the web of interdependence that connects all living beings. 

We will take you for an unforgettable exploration into the desert of Jordan in search of raw beauty, stillness and intuïtieve wisdom.

A unique journey that will shift your experience of life and encourage you to manifest your dreams. Lovingly guided and supported by Natasja and Sandra. Between them, they have decades of experience in holding groups of transformation, healing and letting go of that which is no longer serving our higher good.

                                              Are you...

  • dreaming to visit 3 unforgettable World Heritage sites in Jordan?

  • moved to reclaim the power & wisdom that lies dormant in your Womb?


  • ready to activate your inner healing energy of love, light & compassion?

  • wishing to deepen your authentic truth and find new ways of expressing?

  • called to explore the spiritual treasures of an ancient land?


  • longing to connect to other wise women wishing to redefine reality? 

                                    Then this magical journey is for you!

Expand and deepen your womb wisdom in the beautiful desert of Jordan. Connect to the wisdom of the fire, stars, wind, birds and horses to guide you deep within. Listen to the whispers of your soul and be inspired to transform your reality.

Enjoy yoga with magnificent views of world heritage sites Wadi Rum and Petra, float in the Dead Sea and allow the minerals of the water to nourish your body. Sleep under the stars, chant in the desert, reflect with horses, honour the elements and share in sacred circle.


Wander barefoot in the desert, reclaim the power of water, send your wishes to the stars and reconnect to the courageous & creative power of your womb. 


This magical place invites you to surrender to its beauty, space and stillness for 7 light filled days and 6 star filled nights. 

Natasja Kok and Sandra Jelly, share a longing to inspire women to connect to their creative essence and wisdom and thus to encourage to transform their reality and consequently of their community to a more compassionate, inclusive and caring world. Each in their own divine way.  


Natasja is a professional coach & founder of Wonder Woman projects. Sandra is a yoga teacher, social entrepreneur and equine assisted systemic coach. They invite you on an unforgettable journey into the vastness and stillness of Southern Jordan to awaken the authentic creative power of your womb.  If  you feel called to transform your reality and be an inspiration to your community then please join us in October 2020. 

Neither horse nor yoga experience required.

Natasja                                                                                     Sandra

The investment for these 7 unforgettable and transformational days is:

Regular Rate: 1.293 JOD or 1.668 EUR. Early Bird: 1.176 JOD or 1.517 EUR

 before July 15th

                                            ask for our Buddy Rate 



"Create a life that is self sustaining:

visualize your dreams * breath in life * share from the heart and let life reflect your beauty." - Sarah Nour   



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