Yoga & Horse Soul Desert Retreats as mentioned in UNITY, VOGUE and the LONELY PLANET publications: Wellness Escapes & Travel Goals

Pink Spirit Yoga


8 days Yoga & Hiking

Desert Animal Experience with Brenda van den Brink & Sandra Jelly


11 - 18 NOVEMBER 2020


Dive deep into the stillness and vastness of the Jordanian desert in the company of desert dogs, elegant camels, Arab horses and unique birds. Get away from the hectic demands of daily life and allow your body, mind and spirit to relax, wander and energize during this magical desert journey. 


Connect to the natural flow of the desert like a Bedouin and attune to the wisdom the animals have to share with you. They allow us to experience a deeper sense of soul connection with all that surrounds us. The hike into the magnificent desert scape is like a pilgrimage into your inner landscape. Yoga, meditations, massages and healing sessions will further support your journey. 


Expanding your awareness and integrating more of yourself is gently supported by the interaction with horses. They reflect our state of being in the moment. They invite us to be present in the now, to transform limiting beliefs and to find the courage to live up to our fullest potential.

​You will find yourself opening to grounding and adventure, lightness and creativity, expansion and playfulness. In the supportive field held by both Brenda and Sandra, two Dutch adventurers who met in the desert and have hosted individual and group journeys tailored to personal needs for many years now. 


ARE YOU.....

  • dreaming to visit 3 unforgettable World Heritage sites?

  • longing to explore the desert space like a Bedouin?


  • ready to receive healing energy through sound & massage therapy?

  • wishing to connect deeper to the wisdom of desert animals?

  • called to explore the spiritual treasures of an ancient land?

  • moved to awaken the creative power that lies dormant in your Soul?

  • up for an authentic soul inspired Yoga journey? 

                                    Then this journey is for you!

  Activities during the retreat:

3 days hiking in Wadi Rum

Back door hike Petra

Daily Yoga and/or energy balancing

Guided meditation journeys

Horse soul coaching sessions

Omen walks

Dog Play

Fire ceremony

Sound healing

Massage Therapy

Mud self - treatment at the Dead Sea


Expand and deepen your awareness in the beautiful desert of Jordan. Connect to the wisdom of the fire, stars, wind, birds, dogs, camels and horses. Listen to the whispers of your soul and be inspired to transform your reality.


Enjoy hiking & yoga with magnificent views of world heritage sites Wadi Rum and Petra, float in the Dead Sea and allow the minerals of the water to nourish your body. Sleep under the stars, chant in the desert, play with dogs, ride a camel, reflect with horses and share in sacred circle.


Wander barefoot in the desert, connect to the earth, expand in desert vastness, offer your limiting beliefs to the fire, send your wishes to the stars, activate your innate healing power and reconnect to your courageous heart.


This magical place invites you to surrender to its beauty, space and stillness for 8 light filled days and 7 star filled nights. 

Brenda van den Brink and Sandra Jelly, are both Dutch adventurers who came to Jordan about 10 years ago and integrated their Western experiences with Bedouin culture, creating unique mindfulness experiences in the Southern Desert of Jordan. They invite you on an unforgettable journey into the vastness and stillness of the desert to restore energy balance, tune into your inner wisdom and find your authentic intuitive voice. 

Neither horse nor yoga experience required.

The investment for these 8 unforgettable and transformational days is:

Regular rate: 1.289 JOD per person.  minimum 4 guests. 

With 8 or more guests: 70 JOD discount --> 1.198 JOD per person 




"Create a life that is self sustaining:

visualize your dreams * breath in life * share from the heart and let life reflect your beauty." - Sarah Nour   



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