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I'm Sandra Jelly, a Dutch social entrepreneur, systemic coach, and retreat facilitator. My journey, fueled by a deep passion for horses and painting,

led me to the magical desert of Jordan. Here, I've established a wellness farm together with my furry friends – horses, donkey, dogs and cats. I've crafted a life of freedom and wonder, aligned with my hearts desires.

The Turning Art Piece

Amidst my 10 years in Amsterdam Advertising, I undertook a transformative shift from Account Management to Art Direction. As I contemplated moving to a prestigious ad agency in Sydney, a remarkable art piece intervened – a radiant metal heart adorned with wooden wings. This piece stopped me in my tracks and prompted a profound question: What does my heart long for? The answer emerged resolutely: horses and painting. This decisive moment steered me away from a dream job and led me down a path I could never have envisioned, granting me a life overflowing with authenticity, passion and fulfillment.


Invitation to Transformation

Through our online and desert experiences, I extend an invitation to you. These experiences - whether in the form of individual healing sessions or immersive desert retreats - are designed to expand your inner wisdom, activate your innate healing energies, and unleash your creative manifesting powers. This transformative journey will infuse you with enhanced confidence to embody your true self, manifest your dreams, and spark ripples of inspiration throughout your community.

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"Stop acting so small, You are the universe in ecstatic motion"


My Story

My roots trace back to the farming lands of the Netherlands' eastern region. Even in my early years, the outdoors and nature filled my heart with exuberance. My independent spirit led me to explore the world and heed the call of my heart. I was unafraid to pursue my desires, often venturing alone, guided by my inner compass. Though solitude occasionally marked my path, I embraced it, cherishing my freedom.


Raised in a family of four, I puzzled my parents with my independent, sensitive, and creative character. Their toil and challenges cast a shadow, and I assumed the role of a burden-bearer, striving to alleviate

my mother's anxieties. In doing so, I unwittingly detached from my own needs, a disconnection that eventually precipitated a profound burnout when I turned 30.

A Shifting Focus

My determination and ambition sustained me. Following studies in Financial Business Economics,

I ventured to Switzerland, where an encounter with a robust Swiss Army Horse introduced me to the

art of riding. After, I journeyed across the globe, riding horses in the most exotic places, including the breathtaking terrain leading to Machu Picchu. A pattern emerged – I was an adept manifestor,

attracting opportunities and connections with ease. Yet, despite the outward success, an internal imbalance persisted.

A Path to Renewal

The burnout forced me to confront my unprocessed grief over losing my father at the age of 24.

The quest for self-nourishment became paramount. This pivotal moment set me on a new path, one guided by intuition and heart. My journey led me to the world of creativity and advertising. I started as

an account assistant and developed to the role of art director, collaborating with renowned brands in Amsterdam. Even as I secured my dream position in Sydney, destiny in the form of an art piece

directed me other ways.

Nurturing a New Path

Embracing a year-long sabbatical in 2009, I embarked on a journey to pursue my passions for horses and painting. Armed with only my horse boots and paints, I left for Jordan where the universe presented me with a surprise: a stallion and a full moon collaborated to bring Nour, my first foal, into existence. This serendipitous event sealed my commitment to remain in Jordan, despite financial constraints. My days found purpose in painting, crafting yoga programs, and engaging with horses. My passion inspired a desire to give back, initiating collaborations with Bedouin women to create sustainable weaving products. This venture blossomed into a social enterprise that promotes sustainable living, reviving heritage and empowerment of local women.

Unveiling the Power of Equines

From painting and yoga sessions amid the rocky landscapes in Petra, emerged a vision of wellness. Guiding small groups through transformative desert experiences, I employed my specialty of systemic coaching with horses. These majestic beings unraveled a path to my heart, revealing layers of self-limiting beliefs and emotional barriers. Lessons learned mirrored empowerment through vulnerability. In their company, I discovered the power of surrender, and a deep trust in the present moment's potential.

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Empowering Women

My deepest passion lies in inspiring women to embrace their dreams, harness their strength, and heed their hearts' whispers. I advocate for self-nourishment as a precursor to nurturing others, empowering women to harmonise heart and mind, embodying alchemy that radiates through their lives. In aligning with their authentic selves, women become architects of transformation, transmuting challenges into inspiration, and healing both themselves and their communities.

The Echoes of Jordan

Back in Amsterdam, an image of a Bedouin on top of the Monastery, beckoning to Petra on horseback, captivated my attention. This image resonated deeply, setting in motion a series of synchronicities that aligned with my inner compass. With each step, I surrendered to my inner whispers and trusted life's unfolding. In 2008, Jordan welcomed me for the first time, remembering an inexplicable connection with its land.

It was a silent call that led me to a country foreign in language and culture, yet unmistakably where I sensed I belonged.

Horse riding Wadi Rum
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“Tell your heart that the fear of suffering is worse than the suffering itself. And that no heart has ever suffered when it goes in search of its dreams, because every second of the search is a second's encounter with God and with eternity.” - The Alchemist, Paulo Coelho

How I Cherish My Time...

  • The perfect day for me begins with a morning yoga session in the company of my cats, dogs, donkey and horses. It allows me to center myself and find alignment for the day ahead.

  • When guests come and visit I love building a fire and have dinner in my Bedouin tent with view of the horses resting.

  • Whenever the chance arises, I bring out my speaker, immersing myself in a dance beneath the desert stars. It helps me to release my energy and it reminds me about from my time in Amsterdam.

  • For important questions I consult with my body’s wisdom, my angel cards and my beautiful herd in the paddock. I appreciate a holistic way of decision making.

  • My preferred way of going out means getting out in nature.

  • My heart fills with joy when I watch my donkey run free in the desert. These deep soul connections with my animals sustain me throughout my journey.

  • I have a very curious mind and love to keep learning on different subjects, switching off is not something I easily do, as I feel truly alive when I stay attuned to my inner world. It’s within this realm that I recognise the power I hold - the power to shape reality through every thought, breath and action.

Let's connect

I am intrigued to learn more about you. What's your story? What drives you? What aspirations fuel your journey? How do you envision your contribution to a more conscious world? What's keeping you from emerging as a potent manifestor and a creative alchemist?


Are you longing to express yourself freely and authentically, releasing inhibitions and dissolving blocks? Are you prepared to embrace the belief that you are already on your designated path? Ready to tap into your innate wisdom and talents to create the soulful reality your heart is longing for?


Then I look forward to hear your story and see how I can support you with my healing and equine assisted coaching sessions. Whether individually tailored or within the dynamic of a group desert retreat, I’m committed to aiding your journey.


For more information, feel free to reach out via  Instagram DM or plan a free introduction call using the button below.

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