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Horse Alchemy Session

Horses have a unique gift to bring us into the present moment. To look at what is and include all of what we are: our trauma's, pains, talents, intentions and dreams. By being fully present with us, they allow us to embrace more of ourselves and thus we find ways to deepen our authentic presence, improve our healing and to inspire manifestation of our truths. 

How does it work?

We -the horses and I - offer real time sessions in Wadi Rum yet also online sessions. So you can receive the guidance from my herd even if you are elsewhere, the distance seems to even intensify the clarity of the work.


  We coach according to the principles of systemic constellation work with the horses reflecting where there is integrative or differentiating pressure in our energetic system. We have an intake before the session to see what is the current situation at hand, then decide what we will set up in the paddock to then follow the horses in their movement during the coaching session. The clarity with which they communicate with us is impressive.


Please find a video explaining a bit more.

The Herd

In 2009 Sandra Jelly came to Jordan to participate in the local endurance race. She fell in love with Gamar and trained with her in the area of Petra. One night a stallion opened his stable door, then opened her stable door and Nour was conceived. In a moment she knew she wished to experience the birth and growth of the foal. And so she did and she never left, by now she has a herd of five: Gamar, Nour, Remaz, Zahir and Alyaan. 


A beautiful gentle, wise and spirited mare that guides the flow of loving energy

GPTempDownload 3.JPG

Sweet and stubborn. He follows his own path. Keeps to himself, loves to laze and invites you to step in and sometimes back to have a different perspective

GPTempDownload 5.JPG

A strong, dominant and playful gelding who protects the herd and wishes to get clarity on your boundaries.


Youngest of the herd. Exploring, playful, curious of what you have to bring. Can we connect?

GPTempDownload 4.JPG

Sentinel Gamar - the matriach of the herd. Sensitive and introvert she holds the space for all to be seen and for that what wishes

to emerge. 


"My experience to have had the horses showing me what was going on felt special. And the resonance of the session the day after was explosive, powerful and liberating. I absolutely recommend a session for someone who is looking for guidance and a personal development with longtime wanted comprehension and integration of new aspects in life and reach higher virtues and values. I am happy and thankful" 

Semrin - France

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