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MAY 24 -31, 2025     WADI RUM, PETRA & DEAD SEA

with beautiful yogini Liz Warrington 

The vast and tranquil expanse of the majestic desert sets the stage for a transformative Scaravelli-inspired retreat with Liz Warrington. In the embrace of this magical landscape, Liz's yoga becomes a gateway to awakening the spine, freeing the breath, and connecting with the grounding support beneath you—a liberation that sets your soul free. This journey invites you to forge an intimate relationship not only with the earth but also with the extraordinary desert that surrounds you and the divine space within.


Through Liz's experienced guidance, you embark on a profound exploration, dismantling any limiting beliefs that suggest separation and recognising that your body is a harmonious whole. Delve into gentle yet dynamic movements, moving toward postures that encourage the inclusion of every part of yourself. Feel the power of releasing on the outbreath and the revitalization on the inbreath, paving a path towards compassion and wholeness.

The Pink Spirit herd, with its intuitive movement, joins you on this transformative journey. Sandra Jelly facilitates a constellation guided by these magnificent beings, where forgotten or suppressed parts of yourself are remembered. Wisdom is harvested, and that which no longer serves you is released.

Embrace the unknown, allowing the expression of your true self. Witness the emergence of a more expansive version of yourself.

In the loving presence of Liz, Sandra, and the supportive group, you find a safe haven to explore the depths of your being. A compassionate circle is created, enabling you to surrender to your true, creative, and authentic self. Tap into the profound healing energy residing deep within you through breath, movement, and the reflections of the horses and donkey. Share your journey with others, gaining courage and trust in the realization that you are more than meets the eye.

Ahlan wa Sahlan - Welcome!

Liz & Sandra

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Are you ready...

* To let go of the constant doing of daily life and step into
a place of being

* To befriend and know your breath
* To discover your body’s potential for movement, without

expectation, comparison or judgement

*To release, heal and alchemise trauma, limiting beliefs and

unexpressed feelings?
* To experience the support of the earth that brings lightness

and ease to your being.
* To reflect with nature and the herd to deeply know
that you can change your life

* To awaken your full and authentic expression into this world.

Whilst visiting 3 unforgettable World Heritage sites in Jordan?​

Then this magical journey is for you!

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DAY 2 DAY Program

Embark on an unforgettable exploration into the Jordanian desert, seeking raw beauty, wholeness, and intuitive wisdom. Immerse yourself in the enchanting beauty of the World Heritage Site Wadi Rum, also known as the Valley of the Moon. This unique journey will not only shift your experience of life but also encourage you to manifest your dreams. Let Liz and Sandra, with decades of experience in guiding transformational groups, lovingly support you in letting go of that which no longer serves your higher good.


Day 1: (May 24) - Madaba BB. 

Arrival to Queen Alia Airport Amman. Your driver awaits you to take you to your comfortable hotel in Madaba. (40 min transfer). *Private transfer not included. 


Day 2: (May 25) - Wadi Rum HB.
Early departure to the Southern Desert of Wadi Rum. Along the way we stop so you can get a quick sandwich. Then continue to Wadi Rum Village where Liz & Sandra await you to start your Scaravelli Inspired retreat. Jeeps take us deeper into the desert to our Desert Magic Camp where sweet Bedouin tea and lunch awaits you. We open the space with a welcome circle, meditation, yoga session and intention circle to ground us in the Valley of the Moon. After dinner we sit around the fire for a starry night meditation and sound journey.


Day 3: (May 26) - Wadi Rum FB.

We start the day with some flowing yoga with Liz. Moving into this desert space allows for a beautiful expansion of your awareness. After breakfast Sandra will guide us on a breathwork session and in order to integrate our experience we will create some art followed by a closing circle. After lunch we enjoy some free roaming time in which you can opt for a Shamanic Sound Healing, Cranio Sacral or Thai Massage. At sunset we practice yoga and after dinner we dance under the stars. We stay in the Desert Magic Camp. 


Day 4: (May 27) - Wadi Rum FB.

After yoga and breakfast we will join Sandra’s herd at the Pink Spirit Stable. Here we will reflect with the horses to connect to our creative intuitive wisdom. We to learn more about the relationship patterns we hold, what has served us but is ready to be released so we create space of what wishes to emerge through us.  We enjoy a meal prepared by a local family and around 3 pm we depart for our night camp under the desert stars. On a magnificent private location our Bedouin guide sets up our simple camp for the night. Here we have a chance to experience the desert vastness and stillness in it’s full glory, to nourish our souls through connecting with the desert elements. We enjoy our dinner around the fire and in the evening share in Fire Ceremony. We sleep under the stars!


Day 5: (May 28) - Little Petra - FB

The start the day with sunrise yoga, sense how your body is opening up during this journey so far. We end with a camel ride back to the village. From there our minivan awaits us to take us to one of the 7 Wonders of the World: the Red Rose Nabataean city of Petra. On the way we will visit the LUMEYO weaving women who will show us their looming craft. LUMEYO is a leading social enterprise that promotes sustainable living, recycling, revival of heritage and empowerment of local women. Here we enjoy a local lunch. From there it is about half an hour to our camp in Little Petra. We drop our luggage and visit nearby Little Petra: a preview of things to come the next day. After a buffet dinner we gather for our sacred circle  and some star gazing.

Day 6: (May 29) - Little Petra - HB

After a breathwork and intention session our local guide takes us on a back door hike to the Monastery - one of the high lights of Petra. The way offers us amazing views to Wadi Araba.  From the Monastery we have time to explore Petra on our own. We exit Petra via the 30m high walled Siq - a solemn walk back to our reality. We return to our camp to freshen up and meet for dinner. In the evening we gather for a short meditation and call it a night. 

Day 7: (May 30) - Petra FB.

A day to fully take in the beauty of Little Petra, venture for a hike, visit the local Bedouins and/or opt for a Chakra Healing, Cranio Sacral or Thai Massage session. We open the day with yoga, gather our learnings of this journey, sit in circle and hold a closing ceremony. 

Day 8: (May 31) - Dead Sea and departure.

We practise yoga in the morning. After breakfast we hold a closing circle to share our blessings and say goodbye to Sandra who is returning to her herd.  You then depart for the Dead Sea. You will  continue to the Moevenpick Dead Sea for an extensive lunch and then float. The dead sea is rich in oxygen and minerals, so here we can deeply nourish our bodies. Late afternoon we have a group transfer to the airport.


No experience with Scaravelli Yoga nor Horses required.


Scaravelli Inspired...

Undoing and unfolding

Connect with the rhythm of your breath 

Allow for the poses to move through you

Awaken your body's natural intelligence

Welcome a state of listening

Trust your authentic expression

Surrender into the moment

Allow for the I to dissolve

Awaken your vitality and increase energy flow.

Enter the heart of Yoga.



“ Liz Warrington is an outstanding teacher.  I loved her hands on approach and how she catered to all physical abilities within the group using gentle and thorough explanations. She taught yoga philosophy and meditation with kindness and relaxation, humour and thoughtfulness. As a trainee yoga teacher myself, I learned more from Liz in one short week than I had from my own instructors.

— Roisin, 2019


Liz is a rare precious gem of a yoga teacher.  She is truly gifted not just as a yoga teacher but as craniosacral therapist. It’s the combination of these that bring such a healing quality to her teaching.Her wisdom and deep knowledge of the body and her ability to hold space for whatever arises for her students is so inspiring.  Yoga with Liz comes straight from the heart and goes straight to the heart ” 

— Katy, 2023

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1.978 USD twin sharing base. 
Single Supplement: 265 USD

Early Bird: 1.851 USD valid till March 15th

 Min group size is 8 guests, maximum 14. 

Including: shared transfers & twin sharing accommodation for 7 nights and all mentioned meals and activities for the 8 day program.


Excluding: individual transfers, lunch day 6, flight, 2 day Petra Jordan Pass (75 JOD), optional activities and personal expenses.

About Scaravelli Inspired Yoga

Scaravelli-inspired yoga takes the focus of doing the poses and places it instead on cultivating a set of conditions that allow the body’s natural intelligence to awaken. 
In addition to rest and undoing, we tune into rhythm brought about by the natural breath that invites the poses to come to us.  Gone is the old paradigm of wanting to push or pull ourselves into shapes as we welcome a state of listening and waiting so we might go with and the body on a wave of release.  A wave that has the potential to dissolve the ´I-ness´ and take us to the heart of yoga.


Liz Warrington 

Liz is a cranio sacral therapist, yoga teacher, mother of twins and a dog lover. In 1988, guided and inspired by Peter Blackaby and ashram experiences she began the study and practise of yoga. She joined Brighton's Natural Bodies Centre at it's inception; the heart of Scaravelli inspired yoga in the UK and taught there for 10 years. She facilitates retreats throughout Europe, in India and Egypt and now has her own homestudio in Spain. She welcomes and has worked with people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities, including children and elderly. Specifically the cultivation of attention and stillness and body listening skills have informed her yoga to become an intimate exploration of the self.  



Sandra is an artist, social entrepreneur, equine assisted coach who lives with her furry tribe of cats, dogs, horses and a donkey already 15 years in Wadi Rum. She designs sustainable handwoven bags, offers shamanic medicine journeys and facilitates her Pink Spirit desert retreats. She works with movement, energy, sound, the elements and horses.

Together, they invite you on a deep inner journey into the raw desert beauty of Southern Jordan to awaken your intrinsic healing power and source of inner wisdom.   


Sandra Jelly

Liz Warrington

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